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Want to be part of something great? Like the company that helps to save lives and make people more beautiful and happier? Then join us!

Open Positions

Medical writer (Arabic)
We are passionate about our product. And now we are looking for the one who will fall in love with it as we do, be willing to develop their skills, and become a part of the Bookimed family. We are seeking a copywriter who will help us attract new patients.
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With us, you get

Experience in a great project

We are the No. 1 platform in the world for hospital search and treatment arrangements. More than a million people have already entrusted their health to us. Named as the best medical startup in Europe in 2019 by valuer. Forbes, Chuck Norris speak about us.

Your karma improvement

We help to save lives and make people healthy and beautiful. We find solutions for any complexity: from mole check-up to heart transplantation. Thanks to us, people get a chance to recover even in the most challenging cases and can have a dream body.

Amazing team

We are more than a team who not only works together but also relaxes. We help each other, stimulate and inspire.

A chance to be in the center of healthcare innovations

We work with 900+ top hospitals, recognized as the best in the world, and doctors from the Guinness Book of Records, performing unique operations and developing innovative medicines and treatments.

Unlimited development

The constant growth of your skills with new tasks. You have all tools, access to courses and workshops, an online library with 700+ books, and experience exchange with colleagues — to develop as professionals and individuals. Working at Bookimed, you have no chance to remain the same person.

Real impact on the product

At Bookimed, your work will never be a chore. We often test something new, change and improve ourselves every day. Generating ideas and seeing them come to life is a particular pleasure.

Our Core Values

We always choose to be honest with everyone: with patients so they can make an informed decision, with partners so that cooperation is transparent, and with team members so that the atmosphere in the team is trustworthy.
Everyone here understands what they are doing and why, what he is responsible for, and what the consequences are. We are all in the same boat, and every decision affects the team’s results.
Our product is made by people and for people. We’ve created it with kindness, understanding, respect, compassion, and a desire to help and make this world better. That’s why, under any circumstances, a person will always come first. You can always find a chance to make money, but not to restore your reputation.
Bookimed sets trends and creates new market conditions. And it’s hard for the world to keep up with us 🙂 It is impossible to succeed without the ability to accept new circumstances and adapt to them.
Both personal and professional. We are all parts of the same mechanism. Each of us is unique, and each of us is equally important. And that’s awesome.
As soon as a person stops his achievements, he automatically starts to roll back. Therefore, our choice is to move forward and constantly develop.

Inside Bookimed

Step-by-step onboarding

You have a lot to study. And we are happy to share our knowledge and experience. You will never be left alone with any issues.

Remote work

Work from any place in the world. The main thing is your comfort and safety. It will help you to be more productive.

Vacation and sick leave

Recharge the batteries with PTO days and official company holidays. If you’re sick, we’ve got you covered as well.

Medical insurance

The most valuable thing is health — we know this better than anyone. We will arrange health insurance for you at the end of your probation.

Educational materials

Our online library has 700+ books. There are a lot of training and lectures. But please don’t try to start everything at the same time.

Decent salary

Devoting yourself to something that brings pleasure and getting paid well every month — isn’t that happiness?

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